Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen


Squat: 385

Deadlift: 425


NASM training license

About Coach

I am a firm believer in continual growth whether it be in the gym or in life. I believe I am the person and coach I am today because of this way of thinking. I follow a simple yet effective philosophy: to grow you must be uncomfortable. I have been intimidated by failure but if the gym has taught me anything, it is that going to failure and pushing those limits are when someone grows the most.

Turning Point

Growing up, I often thought if you wanted to be good at sports or be strong it was up to the genetic lottery. I grew up small. I was often times the smallest and skinniest kid in the class and had accepted that for a while. But once I got to high school I told myself I wasn’t going to let my size stop me from competing. I was going to beat the odds. It may be an uphill battle but I was going to work harder than anyone else. Ever since then, I’ve honed in on the mindset that I can do anything I want, even if it means I have to work harder than others. I will get it done.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is so much more than just telling someone what exercises to do. I am confident in this because many of the struggles I had in my own fitness journey could have been avoided with a good coach. I faced the same battles as many people when they start going to the gym. I was insecure and lacked confidence in my body, knowledge of how to do exercises properly, and maintaining accountability to stay consistent. As a coach, I have been able to be a guide for many people and help them overcome this lack of confidence in themselves, perform exercises properly and safely, and be the accountability they need to succeed. Everyone knows they need to exercise. Let me be your confidence, your guide, and your accountability.

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