Ian Beck

Ian Beck


Bench: 352.8lbs

Deadlift: 550lbs

Push Press: 265lbs


CPT-NASM Certification

Pn1-Precision Nutrition Coaching Certification

About Coach

Even at a young age, I believed people were designed to be connected and were meant to learn from one another. And instead of choosing to be closed off and stubborn, we should work together to grow our understanding of the world, each other, and our own bodies. So I followed the educational career path. After multiple years in the public education system as a teacher and school administrator, I lost my desire to work through the bureaucracy and all of the red tape; but my desire to teach never left. During this same time, my daughter was born, and I began to feel like an unhealthy overweight dad. It took me roughly one year to put those two dilemmas together to create the perfect solution... teaching health and wellness. Once I began my journey, I explored many areas of fitness: boxing, bootcamps, bodybuilding, most recently powerlifting, and have settled on a hybrid model for B3 Strength & Performance. Then in January 2019, I had both of my knees replaced (same time). That opened up my eyes to the world of physical therapy. And though most therapy is designed for rehabilitation, I determined that pre-habilitation is the key to mitigating injuries while consistently growing, strengthening, and transforming. And that is the model we use at B3. Do we grind it out? 100%! Do we believe in becoming uncomfortable, embracing the unknown, and conquering each obstacle that we encounter? All day every day. But doing so with a lack of knowledge, understanding, and applicable "know-how" is foolish and immature. At B3, we don't play that.

Turning Point

Having a 15-year early childhood education background has allowed me to perceive training and coaching in a completely different light than most health and wellness professionals. Couple that with having to re-learn how to walk, squat, hip hinge, lunge, and run after two bilateral total knee replacements, and you have a completely refined trainer who understands that stability, balance, and proper technique must always supersede grit and brute strength. Should you work so hard that you risk failure? You better freakin' believe it! But what is failure? Simply put, failure isn't only a missed rep. It's also a completed rep that has demonstrated a breakdown in form and control. And that philosophy is how we train our personal training clients and coach our group fitness members.

Motivation & Passion

As a trainer, coach, and gym owner, I'm impassioned by two very distinct mindsets: those who have become discouraged due to an injury or lifestyle change and lost their previous abilities and desires to move well and move often, and those who have mental toughness and discipline but aren't sure how to accomplish their health and wellness goals. But even outside of those parameters, I simply want our society to become healthier. The more we move, the happier we become. We feel better. We move better. We look better. Ultimately, we become better. We become who we were designed to be.

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